About Us

Groverton was founded to alleviate what can be described as an affordable housing crisis in many regions of the United States. Many tenants are forced to pay a larger and larger share of their income for housing; to crowd into shared apartments, townhouses, or single-family homes; or to find housing in distant suburbs located far from their jobs. Some are forced to combine all three options - to pay a lot to live in a crowded house far outside the city. On top of that, resources for the support of affordable housing is limited with the continuing decentralization of federal housing programs to the states. That is why we started Groverton.

Our Mission

By providing a non-subsidized affordable housing partnership program, we seek to redefine affordable housing as it was once known. We designed unique funding and real estate programs to provide housing authorities and nonprofits alternative housing solutions for their clients. This is how we redesigned affordable housing.

Our Team

Educators, organizers, realtors, consultants, and investors working together to serve essential professionals.

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